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On Saturday, Northwestern Afghanistan, including Herat and its surrounding provinces, experienced a major earthquake followed by multiple aftershocks. We at NAC are deeply saddened by reports of loss of life and injuries resulting from this natural calamity.

In our commitment to support the affected communities, NAC is coordinating with the United Nations and national crisis preparedness authorities to dispatch specialized healthcare and emergency relief teams to the impacted regions. Country Director Terje Watterdal emphasizes, ” We are prepared to send healthcare staff and emergency relief expertise to the affected area in consultation with the United Nations and national crisis preparedness authorities. There is a great need for medical personnel.’’

To this end, NAC is ready to deploy a mobile surgical unit, supplemented by a dedicated team of nurses, midwives, and physical therapists, to provide crucial aid in the affected areas if needed.

We stand united in these challenging times, and NAC is fully committed to assisting the communities impacted by the earthquakes. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

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