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NAC is a knowledge-based and innovative organization, adapted to meet changing needs and contexts through difficult times. The organization is characterized by continuity and resilience. 


NAC is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity within its workforce. Employees have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and are loyal to the ethical guidelines, values and principles of the organization. NAC improves the quality of its project implementation and support services through effective competence building measures, including opportunities for life-long learning. NAC aims to provide all the necessary support and precautions within its means to protect the physical and mental health of its employees, interns and volunteers while working and living in a high-conflict environment.

Leadership and management

NAC’s governing bodies are responsible for developing strategic directions and organizational guidelines, based on the ethical guidelines, values and principles of the organization. The Board and senior management are responsible for exercising financial control, including implementing effective anti-corruption, and environment, health and safety measures.


The members, through the Annual Congress, constitute NAC’s highest decision-making authority. Membership in NAC is an important expression of interest in and engagement with Afghanistan.


Volunteers with a strong interest in Afghanistan, and with relevant expertise and experience, add value to operations and programs. This provides NAC with capacities extending well beyond the organization’s own human and financial resources.

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