Reports and publications

NAC has an extensive production of reports and studies, several of which are of public interest. More text will come here.




Afghan voices on aid and conditionality (2021)

On 12 August 2021, Taliban took Kabul, leading to a dramatic eva- cuation of internationals from Afghanistan. This creates enormous challenges for Afghans and international aid actors in the country. There is an on-going debate on how to deal with the Taliban and what conditions should be imposed on the regime. This is our contribution to bringing Afghan perspectives into the current debate.

White Paper: Aid and Conditionality (2022)

The dilemmas and challenges aid and development organisations are now facing in Afghanistan are not new to the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) with over 40 years of experience in the country. This white paper aims to provide clarity on how our programs will be continued without compromising our values in the complex and ever-changing political, socio-economic, and security setting of Afghanistan.