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1. NAC Accountability Framework

The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) is firmly committed to the highest ethical standards, to transparency and accountability, towards the community members we serve, national and international donors, powerholders on national and subnational levels in Afghanistan, and towards our members in Norway.

Accountability Framework

2. Ethical Guidelines/ Code of Conduct

As NAC staff, interns, officers, consultants and volunteers we are representatives of an organization built on
the principle of solidarity between people, respect for human rights and dignity for all. The following guidelines and commitments are binding for all staff, officers, consultants and volunteers; we are both individually and collectively responsible to act in accordance with the principles and values stated in these ‘Guidelines and Commitments’.

Ethical Guidelines

3. Anti-Corruption

The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) is firmly committed to the highest ethical standards. NAC is committed to combat corruption and to be transparent in all programs and operations both in Afghanistan and Norway and to be accountable to all internal and external stakeholders, including beneficiaries, partners, donors, volunteers, interns, employees, management, officers and Board of Directors, and to expect the same ethics, transparency and accountability in return from our beneficiaries, partners, donors, volunteers, interns, employees, management, officers and Board of Directors.

Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-Corruption Handbook

4. Procurement

NAC’s procurement process is guided by strong ethical guidelines, prevention of child-labor and abuse, and seek to promote businesses owned and run by women, persons with disabilities, and other groups vulnerable to exclusion from economic development and participation. The Guidelines thus aims at preventing any form of abuse in line with NAC principles, UN Guidelines and Initiatives on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).

NAC Procurement Policy
NAC Procurement Handbook

5. Child Protection Policy

NAC supports the education of more than 200,000 children and youth, and thousands of teachers and health-care workers in mostly rural and hard-to-reach communities throughout Afghanistan. NAC is firmly committed to the highest ethical standards, in accordance with Afghan, Norwegian and International laws, and promotes and practices the provisions outlined in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) in all its programs and operations.

Child Protection Policy

6. Complaints & Feedback Mechanism

All NAC beneficiaries and partners have the right to provide feedback and raise complaints related to programs, projects and activities and the behaviour of NAC staff. All NAC employees, members, volunteers, and consultants are required to report suspected irregularities. The public and NAC partners can also play an important role. Anyone can report suspected irregularities trough the NAC’s whistle-blower email.

Whistle Blower Policy & Process

What can beneficiaries and partners complain about?
  • Suspected corruption
  • Implementation of projects in and with Afghan communities and institutions
  • NAC’s work in Norway
  • Behaviour of NAC staff
Which issues not covered?

All internal employment conditions, such as salary levels, performance evaluations, working areas, etc, will not be handled within this system, unless considered as being in breach of NAC’s Ethical Guidelines, or regulations and commitments specified in NAC’s manuals, e.g., Finance and HR. Such grievances should be handled on the lowest level possible through line management.

False Accusations

Any employee who makes false and malicious accusations, will face disciplinary actions (ref. NAC Ethical Guidelines and Commitments). NAC will take appropriate legal, or other actions (e.g., termination of employment) against those who make false and malicious accusations of child abuse.

How to issue a complaint?

Project participants, other community members, and project partners can send an email to:

SMS, voicemail, or direct calls can be made to designated Afghan mobile phone numbers:

Between 08:00 and 13:00:

  • 0702 255307

Between 18:00 and 07:00:

  • 0772 245068,
  • 0789 868406,
  • 0702 255278
  • 0745 013478

Regular channels for raising complaints for NAC staff:

  • Through the responsible regional or project manager, Deputy Country Director, and Country Director
  • Through the Deputy Country Director, Country Director if the regional manager is involved
  • Through the Country Director and Secretary General if the Deputy Country Director is involved
  • Through the Secretary General if the Country Director fails to act or he/she is involved
  • Through the Chair of the Board if both the Secretary General and the Country Director fail to act or are themselves involved

The aim is for complaints to be resolved at the lowest administrative level possible, to reduce response times.